Silvio Manzanares was a tireless fighter, a man with great courage and optimism, with a brilliant mind, the one who never said no when a doctor ordered a treatment or procedure, always an entrepreneur since he got sick in 2001. He changed the way of earning in life, conforming his job to his new state of mind. He was always a great creator of new ideas. He was a great engineer, full of projects for his personal life and his work. If something didn’t work out, he always did something else until reaching success. He had an excellent sense of humor, which helps us, his family and friends, to remember him with much joy and through many anecdotes, but mainly with so much love.

His 12 years old daughter shows all of these characteristics, facing with strength the loss of her beloved father. His memories live in our minds. All of those who met him feel his presence. He died knowing that he received so much love and support during the time he was sick. He never felt alone. In his sick bed to the end of his days, he always wanted to help other patients to fight against this terrible beast. Silvio was very thankful for the help given by the Life Raft Group, and found that the LRG really fulfills its mission to give support and advice to patients and caregivers, so they feel they are not alone in their fight against GIST. A great man is gone, but he will never leave our minds and hearts. At the end, he put himself into God’s will, being confident that God would do the best for him and for the rest. He is no longer with us, but he will not suffer anymore, because he is at peace in heaven. Those who stay on earth should not give up in our fight against this cruel disease. Silvio was a role model, because he always looked for ways to help other patients in his position as Secretary of Fundación Alas de Vidda (an organization in Nicaragua to help patients with GIST and CML). May God have him in his glory, rest in peace. We will follow the way Silvio confronted life in difficult situations. He never felt defeated by GIST.