By Jim Hughes
LRG Science Coordinator


AZD2171 Phase II:

The AZD2171 Phase II Trial in the UK is now listed as “Not recruiting”.

Dasatinib Phase II:

This new trial for GIST is now open at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in Lausanne, Switzerland, CH-1011. Dasatinib (BMS- 354825) is approved for leukemia (CML). Dasatinib is a c-KIT inhibitor and has been used in Phase I trials in GIST. At the 2006 Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) meeting, the international trial team presented a poster showing that four of 18 refractory GIST patients were on the drug for three months or more. The unique aspect of this trial is that dasatinib will be offered to patients who have been diagnosed with GIST but who have not received any tyrosine kinase inhibitor. In other words, this will be a first line trial. Patients receive dasatinib twice daily for two years. This is listed as a multi-center study. But only Lausanne is open so far.

United States and Canada

AMN107 Phase III:

Novartis has informed us that Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City is now open. Principal Investigator is Gerald Rosen, MD. Contact is Larry Giove at             212-367-1729      ,

Imatinib and Sunitinib Phase I:

This Phase I trial combining two approved drugs for GIST has just opened at Vanderbilt- Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, TN. Contact is the Clinical Trials Office – Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center at             800-811-8480      . Principal investigators at Vanderbilt are Jordan D. Berlin, MD and Emily Chan, MD.

STA-9090 Phase I:

Manufacturer Synta announced a second STA-9090 Phase I trial on January 17. Patients will be dosed intravenously once a week versus twice in the other phase I trial announced in November. Sites were not mentioned. We recommend contacting the first phase I site at Dana-Farber in Boston, MA via Travis Quigley, RN,             617-632-5117      . Geoffrey Shapiro, MD,             617-632-4942      , geoffrey_shapiro@ is the principal investigator for the earlier trial.

IPI-504 Phase I:

This is now available at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact is Edith Bardi,             (416) 586-4800      , extension 4795, Principal investigator is Martin Blackstein, MD.