Sutent and it’s Potential Cardiovascular Effects

Presenter: Dr. Dan Lenihan
Director of Clinical Research, Department of Cardiology, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Duration: 59 minutes

Sunitinib (Sutent) is a promising new drug that is being used frequently for GIST patients, especially for those who may have progressed on Gleevec or who could not tolerate its side effects.  However, there have been reports about a high degree of hypertension and in some cases heart failure. Many of the symptoms of heart failure are difficult to discern in the presence of cancer and chemotherapy. Lenihan will discuss the importance of following daily blood pressure recordings and other approaches to cardiac monitoring and treatment while on Sutent therapy. He will also present recent data on these approaches, as well as suggestions on how cardiologists and oncologists can effectively work together to ensure best outcomes.

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