The Value of Mutational Testing in Treating GIST

Dr. Corless’s presentation answered questions that many GIST patients and their families have about the value of Mutational Testing in treating GIST. His presentation is easy to understand and follow, his explanations are direct and concise that any patient is able to easily understand the process, how important and vital it is in Treating GIST.

The GIST Tissue Bank is a partnership between twelve internationally-renowned GIST researchers and the Life Raft Group’s patient Registry. This cutting-edge project allows researchers to have access to GIST tissue linked to a patient’s GIST clinical history. The project promotes the sharing of tissue by the researchers studying the tissue. Oregon Health Science University performs the mutational analysis and Stanford University School of Medicine is serving as tissue repository and data host through its Tissue Microarray.

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Dr. Chris Corless

Duration: 56 mins

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