What does a cure mean for you? It is something different for everyone, but most importantly a cure for cancer is in our reach!


As most Life Rafters and our friends know, we do a yearly fundraising campaign to support our research project – Pathway to a Cure.
In years past, GIST survivors and their loved ones sent out note cards, letters and emails asking their friends and their family for their support.

Last year, we tried something new and asked everyone to get involved. Because cancer affects all of us.
We asked the questions, “What does a cure for cancer mean to you?” and invited the world to join the GIST community in our quest for the cure. Thanks to our donors and supporters, we raised over $60,000 and people from all over the world told us what a cure meant to them (You can view these pictures and upload your own atwww.ACureIsInOurReach.org.
With the holiday season nipping at our heels, we are once again asking everyone to donate to the LRG GIST Research team and be a part of the cure.

The proceeds of this campaign coupled with our Board and corporate fundraising have enabled the LRG to contribute over $5 million to propel Pathway to a Cure, founded in 2006.

We won’t just wait for a cure. We have to make it happen. Join us.

Fundraising materials for this year’s holiday campaign should be arriving in your mail within the next few weeks.