Capt. Glen P. Banks died December 15, 2010 in his Westminster, Maryland home. He was 63 years old. Raised in New York, Capt. Banks served in the U.S. Navy and sailed on merchant ships during Vietnam and the First Gulf War. He later worked as an officer on tankers. He eventually joined Puerto Rico Marine Management in 1986, where he sailed for many years.

In 1978 Capt. Banks joined MM&P (Masters, Mates & Pilots) and later got his start in union leadership when he was elected Gulf Port Vice President in 1997. His leading role in the union continued when he was elected to three terms as the union’s Secretary-Treasurer.

Friends describe him as generous, caring and as having a great sense of humor. He is also described as a devoted family man, who loved nothing more than spending time with his sons and wife. He is survived by his wife Elizabeth Banks, sons Thomas and Glen Banks and Thomas’ wife Vonda.