When we asked everyone in our March GIST Link email to help push us to our goal of raising 50,000 dollars by mid-March, we were holding our breath and crossing our fingers. But you did it! You helped us raise an impressive $53,206.41!

For those of you who don’t remember our GIST Link plea, let us refresh your memory:

Perhaps many of you are aware of Norman’s uncanny ability to rally those around him. In keeping with true form, he has sparked a challenge of sorts here for the LRG regarding our annual fundraising campaign.

Perhaps it was the formidable spring in his step left over from our successful Life Fest meeting in June 2010, but when September arrived, and the thousands of envelopes were being stuffed, Norm playfully queried “How about we take this fundraiser a step further and try to break $50,000, and as a matter of fact, if we meet this goal, I will dress up like a sailor and sing ‘Thank You For Being a Friend’, and I’ll even let you videotape it for all the Life Rafters who helped us out this year.”

After waiting a few minutes to see if he was joking or serious, we burst out laughing and agreed to push for this goal to experience this thrill of a lifetime. (And we have just the backdrop! Norman will be performing from our Life Raft, which some of you remember from Life Fest 2010)

At our next NJ local group meeting on May 7, Norman will “sing for his supper” if you will and regale us all with our favorite of TV theme songs. Look out for the video to be online shortly after!