Everyone has been touched by cancer. One in three people will be affected by cancer at some stage in their life.

The hope is to have access to the best treatment available to conquer the disease. For some, that is not so easy.

Many cancer patients around the world have poor access to cancer therapy, especially in parts of Latin America. For those who cannot afford or access the original branded medicine, they are left with alternative options. Those medicines may be less safe, of lesser quality, or not produce the desired therapeutic effect as the original counterpart. Thus, patients’ lives are at risk.

The Life Raft Group is:

· Committed to keeping people safe and helping them to receive safe medicines.
· Insists all patients be made aware of the type of drugs they are being given, whether original or non-original and potential risks or side effects.
· Urges everyone to take a stand in ensuring higher quality medicines are available in Latin America.

By signing our petition, you are helping to raise awareness about this issue and the concern of the growing threat of poor quality medicines available for cancer patients.

It should be everyone’s right to have safe medicines regardless of whether he/she can afford it or not.sign

Sign our petition at http://alianzagist.blogspot.com/.
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