Photo of Life Raft Group Board Member Marietta Robinson

LRG Board Member Marietta Robinson

Recently, President Obama nominated our Life Raft Group Board Member Marietta Robinson to join the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The Commission ensures the safety of over 15,000 domestic consumer products, particularly those of children’s.

Marietta has expressed how honored she is for the nomination and hopes for a quick confirmation from the Senate. Once confirmed she will be the fifth member of the commission, giving leverage to the Democrats once again since Democrat Thomas H. Moore’s absence, according to the Washington Post. Moore left the commission evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, which caused consequent disagreements and obstacles for the CPSC.
cpsc_obama_nominationAs a lawyer of 33 years, Marietta has worked with various law firms and is well known in Michigan’s political sphere as a successful member of the legal community. Her persistent devotion to the LRG Board provides GIST patients, families, and caregivers hope for a cure. She continues the legacy of her husband of twenty-eight years, the accomplished James K. Robinson who sadly lost his battle to GIST in August 2010, as she remains committed to the cause of the LRG.

The LRG would like to offer a big congratulations to Marietta on this prestigious nomination!