All of you who have been a part of The Life Raft Group have had the pleasure of knowing Tricia McAleer, our Program Director. After nearly 10 years of advocacy and accomplishment, she has decided to leave the LRG and pursue other opportunities.

Trish was recruited by Norman Scherzer to be an Administrative Assistant, just a handful of months following LRG’s incorporation in 2002. Over the years, she graduated from college, held several titles, and wore many ‘hats’. Trish has seen this group expand its reach far beyond the states, spreading our mission into over 50 countries.

She was part of the inception of the LRG GIST Research Project; which brought on an esteemed team of physicians who continue to collaborate and work tirelessly for a cure. She has spear-headed the first official Life Fest, the first Poker Tournament, and the NIH Pediatric Clinic just to name a few.

Tricia has always shown unlimited selfless dedication to the LRG, the patient and caregiver community, as well as the many facets that make this organization ever thriving and successful. With intuitive sensitivity and boundless integrity, Trish has taken on the collected challenges presented by our rapidly growing organization, and handled them with pride and commitment. We will all miss her purpose-driven work ethic and her friendship. All of us here at the Life Raft Group extend heartfelt good wishes to her and all her future endeavors. Trish, you will be greatly missed.