Michael Shorb, dearly beloved husband of Judith Grogan-Shorb, passed away on August 8, 2012, from a very rare cancer. Born October 29, 1943, he was the son of the late Robert Shorb and Helen Thisted Shorb; brother to the late Beverly Gonzales and Paul Shorb. His other brothers and sisters: Jan Jupp, Myrna Todd, Keith Shorb, Nadine Morris, Bill Shorb and Glen Shorb. Michael was a poet and was published in over 100 poetry magazines and poetry anthologies.

Donations may be made in memory of him to The Life Raft Group,

155 US Hwy 46, Ste 202, Wayne, NJ 09470.

History of Laughter
By Michael Shorb

The woman’s voice

was trapped inside

the River Kronos,

it clung to silt and fish glide,

moth in torrential distance.

It was Old Winter himself

who intervened,

fishing the stiff voice out.

You owe me, he said, half

your love poured on stones.

We’ll call it laughter.