We have three featured LRG members who are celebrating a cancerversary in February.

Dr. Monica AndersonMonica F. Anderson, D.D.S

“In the three years since I was diagnosed I have learned a lot about GIST and a lot about myself. In my new normal, I tire more easily and love more easily and forgive more easily and forget more easily. The list of pros continues to outmeasure the list of cons.”


Anita GetlerAnita Getler

“I am so thrilled and truly blessed to be cancer-free for nine years as I celebrate life and love on a daily basis. To enjoy my family and friends in good health is truly a blessing!”


Clifford KoppClifford Kopp

“This year marks my 2nd cancerversary, and I have many mixed emotions to say the least. I now take a little extra time to appreciate things around me, I appreciate the present since we don’t know what the future will bring.

While cancer is something nobody wants, to me it was a blessing as I have met many wonderful people and made several new friends that I would never have met otherwise.”

If you have a cancerversary, let us know. Contact info@liferaftgroup.org and we may feature you in a future newsletter!