Until cures are found, drug therapies are a lifeline to someone with cancer. Yet, the Life Raft Group’s GIST Patient Registry has recorded over 800 reports of patients interrupting their drug therapy usage because side effects became too burdensome.

Months between clinician visits and a hesitancy to speak openly to doctors about side effects contribute to difficulty addressing these problems, which affect a patient’s quality of life and ability to maintain their drug regimen.

SideEQ allows patients to gain valuable insights into symptoms and side effects management which they can in turn share with their physicians and other patients. By finding ways to mitigate the negative side effects intrinsic to many medications, patients can optimize their overall health while improving treatment outcomes.

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SideEQ screen "HUB"

The “Hub” is the public face of SideEQ, which displays site news and the most talked about tips and side effects.


SideEQ screen register

Registration is easy, and is guided by whether you are a Patient/Caregiver or Healthcare Professional


SideEQ screen profile

Once a patient has filled out the quick registration, their account has been created! However, filling out the profile page will make for a much better experience. Entering key information like gender, age and most importantly—diseases and drug treatments will help you compare your side effects more easily on the Dashboard.
Alerts let you know how you are progressing throughout the process.

SideEQ screen side effect and quality of life

Once you have entered any diseases and medications you wish to, you can mark any side effects you have, as well as their severity and how they have affected your quality of life.


SideEQ screen Dashboard

The Dashboard is personalized to you. It shows your activity and statistics about how your side effects compare to others like you. You can compare yourself to others by age group, gender, disease and drug treatment. For example, you can view how many people with GIST experience Hand and Foot syndrome.

SideEQ screen Dashboard

You can also view any side effect pages or tips you have book marked here for easy access.

SideEQ screen Dashboard

The side effects index page can be displayed in two different ways in order to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.


SideEQ screen best practices

On each side effect page, you can view a best practice article written by an expert in the field, a library of scientific articles on the subject, as well as helpful tips submitted by other patients. You will have the chance to “thumbs up” a tip you found useful, respond to a tip you have thoughts on and submit tips of your own.

SideEQ screen tips

While only the most “useful” tips are displayed on the side effect page, you can easily click All Tips and find every tip submitted for a particular side effect.

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