Lorie Skelton Perry

Life Raft Group Member Lorie Skelton Perry sadly passed away from GIST on November 11, 2020. In honor of her passing, Lorie’s husband, Ben Perry and his family decided to organize a fundraising effort to craft a legacy for her and raise some money in her memory. Ben’s brother Dan and his dad, Dave, own an all-vinyl record store in Lowell, MA, called Vinyl Destination, but for the month of December they have changed the name of the store from Vinyl Destination to Cupcake Records, in honor of Lorie’s amazing ability to bake the best cupcakes you’ve ever tasted.

If you have a chance please visit Cupcake Records and pick up t-shirts for $16, buttons and stickers for $2, coasters for $1 and the magnets for $3. 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Life Raft Group. Latest update – WE SOLD OUT OF COASTERS & STICKERS!

You can visit Cupcake Records (Vinyl Destination) online.  Contact Dave to order a T-shirt to support the cause.