GISTer Tara Hammond’s daughter, Kate, ran a bake sale and a Facebook fundraiser to raise money for The Life Raft Group called “Bake Sale for GIST Cancer!”

“This group has been a literal “life raft” for our family as I have been living with GIST since December 2019. They have helped me find oncologists for this rare cancer, provided me with an awesome mentor who checks in on me every few weeks, and gave me access to a private online community where I can chat with other people who are experiencing similar struggles as I am.”  – Tara Hammond

So far, Tara and Kate have raised close to $1,500. Facebook pays all the processing fees for the donor, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit. If you would like to donate to this fundraiser, click on the image below:

If you would like to run your own Facebook fundraiser, contact Diana Nieves at or learn more:

If you want more information about the different ways to donate to the LRG’s research and support efforts for GIST patients and how we use donations, please visit: