Time to Tell the StoriesThe Life Raft Group is celebrating our 20th anniversary as a nonprofit in 2022. For twenty years, our organization has been serving as a life raft for others navigating their GIST journeys. It is the perfect time for us to share the stories. These stories are of those early pioneers who have helped save thousands of lives; the stories of our brave and inspiring members; the advocacy stories of the challenges patients face globally, and the story of this unique patient advocacy organization. You can read more about our Time to Tell the Stories campaign.

Living My Best Creative Life with GIST by Ellen Mayer

Ellen Mayer at the Wayrick Gallery

Ellen at the Wayrick Gallery with her works for the Healing Arts Program.

As a part of our Time to Tell the Stories Campaign, professional artist, designer, and GISTer Ellen Mayer shares some of her creations with our community as evidence of a life well-lived with GIST. You can read more about Ellen’s journey and her work in this newsletter article.

Ellen Mayer & "Holding On

To Ellen’s right, the work entitled “Holding On”

Ellen Mayer 'Distribution Two'

“Distribution Two” by Ellen Mayer