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Whether you are a physician who has just seen your first GIST patient, a seasoned GIST Medical Professional, or a nurse trying to get a handle on GIST treatment side-effects, the Life Raft Group is here to assist in any way we can.

GIST research moves at breakneck speeds and new treatments are entering the drug pipeline seemingly every day. It is important at any stage of your career to stay as up-to-date as possible in order to ensure your patients receive the best care.

Here are some resources that may be of use to you:

Register as a GIST Medical Professional

If you see a number of GIST patients and consider yourself to be a specialist in GIST care, register with our GIST Specialist Database so that we can help patients in need find you.

View the Clinical Trials Database

We have eliminated most of the work when searching a broad range clinical trials search tool. Our GIST Clinical Trials Database utilizes sites like to gather GIST-specific and –relevant trials all in one place so that you can view only the trials you want to see when researching options for your patients.

Learn about our Research Team

The LRG Pathway to a Cure Research Team represents the best GIST researchers in the world. Following the launch of our D-Day Project, our team has reported significant breakthroughs in the search for the cure. Read more to learn about this innovative research.

Subscribe to our Newsletter

The LRG Newsletter covers a variety of topics, from medical conference sum-ups to human interest pieces to science articles by oncologists, pathologists and surgeons all over the world. This valuable publication can benefit both you and your patient and is available six times a year.

Help your patients get support

Often, newly diagnosed patients will use their physician as their only source of information, not realizing the tremendous amount of knowledge and support that can be gained by joining a support group. The Life Raft Group connects patients to an online support group, local in-person meetings, and provides one-on-one counseling, webcasts and educational materials. Help your patients manage their care by providing them information on joining the LRG.

Order a Physician Outreach package

If you would like to expand your GIST knowledge and learn more about the greater GIST community, we would be happy to provide a physician outreach package to your office. Not only would you receive material for your own use, but we also provide patient education materials to display in your facility.

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