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The Path to GIST Awareness

Awareness is vital for rare cancers like GIST. In the cancer research world, diseases are split into two camps: rare and common, and with cuts in cancer research funding increasing each year, rare cancers suffer disproportionately. Currently, only five percent of submitted proposals are awarded funding from the National Institutes of Health (the largest contributor to cancer research in the world). With over 200 cancers competing for research funds, rare cancers regularly fall by the wayside.

Our awareness initiatives help us get closer to our survival goals including…

…Connecting survivors and caregivers with programs that can aid in GIST and side-effect management

…Educating medical professionals on up-to-date GIST treatments and research

…Cutting the lethal lag time from symptom appearance to diagnosis and diagnosis to effective treatment

Learn more about our GIST awareness initiatives by clicking the link below:
GIST Awareness Day

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