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Have you met the dynamic women in sarcoma?

Doctors, radiologists, nurses, social workers, pathologists, researchers and patients share their strength, hope, and experience with sarcoma patients and each other worldwide each day. The Life Raft Group is honoring Women in Sarcoma with a Virtual Gala on December 10, at 6pm ET.

At this Virtual Awards Gala, as we aim to highlight women in sarcoma (both medical professionals and patients) who make a difference in patients’ lives, and to inspire the community with their stories and perspectives of women’s role in oncology as well as their personal experiences.

Awards will be presented as special recognition to women in sarcoma. The LRG is presenting awards to six individuals in five categories. The awardees are women who have demonstrated excellence, determination, courage, compassion, and unique problem-solving ability, and are a models for leadership in their respective areas.

Please join us in honoring these women who work so diligently for those on a cancer journey.

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