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Side Effects of Targeted Treatments

The side effects of traditional chemotherapy treatments are often apparent, with images of bald patients with pain-etched faces captured in photographs. For targeted therapies such as those for GIST patients and other cancers that are [...]

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Fatigue reduction: Moving towards a better future

As one of the most common side-effects of Gleevec, Sutent and Stivarga, fatigue is a condition that many GIST survivors are intimately acquainted with. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network defines cancer-related fatigue as “a distressing, [...]

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Altered Taste Syndrome – Tips for Enjoying Food while Fighting GIST

There are a number of side effects caused by GIST medications. Altered taste syndrome is a common and annoying side effect for many GIST patients. Gleevec and Sutent have a bitter taste associated with them, like [...]

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Coping With GIST Diagnosis

Coping with GIST diagnosis is a huge hurdle that patients have to deal with. There are many questions that go along with GIST diagnosis. The first and probably most important thing that you need to [...]

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