Your donation to the LRG has a direct impact on the GIST community. It aids #GISTresearch and initiatives that help our patients survive and thrive. Your donation will help provide a life raft to our GIST patients and their loved ones.  Rough seas may lie ahead, but together we can make a difference.

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Learn more about the #GISTresearch paths the LRG pursues: How We Use Your Donation.

Give Every Month

GEMs BannerThe LRG’s Give Every Month (GEM) Donors provide regular gifts to help ensure a consistent and steady stream of support to GIST patients and their families. When you become a GEM you will receive recognition at our various educational events GDOLS, Life Fest and webcasts. With each GEM level, you will receive your complimentary GEM recognition item. GEMs are also recognized on our website GEM Donors Member List and in our LRG newsletter. Become a GEM today!

More Ways To Help

AmazonSmile participants were notified this week that Amazon is discontinuing this special program and will be focusing their philanthropic efforts in different areas. The program ceases on February 20th, 2023. Before the program ends, we encourage you to make all the purchases you have planned for the next month or so within that Feb. 20 deadline if possible. Every penny counts! And, please consider becoming a G.E.M. donor – see above for details.