Global GIST Network

The Global GIST Network (formerly hosted at was originally created to provide a directory of resources for GIST patients and their families in their native languages. This project was a collaboration with Das Lebenhaus and the Association of Cancer Online Resources. The mission of the Global GIST Network was to encourage and support the creation of GIST patient resources by providing a forum for patients to identify the support available in a given country or for a given language and to facilitate information exchange, mutual support and advocacy.

These resources are now available on the LRG website in this International Patients section and will be updated regularly with translated materials including FAQ sheets, articles, videos, and brochures. Our goal is to keep you informed and updated on what is happening in relation to GIST.

If you have materials that can be added to this section, or are available to be a volunteer translator, please contact our LRG Global Consultant Piga Fernández.

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