Our mission is to enhance the survival and quality of life for people living with GIST through patient-powered research, education and empowerment, and global advocacy efforts.

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Traditional models for cancer research have resulted in many breakthrough treatments for patients, but it is not enough. The LRG’s approach to research through real world evidence, relies on timely, accurate data from the patient’s perspective, with patient survival as the primary objective.


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Dr. Monica Anderson

Dr. Monica Anderson

Diagnosed in 2012 with Adult GIST.

Marc Wasserman

Marc Wasserman

Diagnosed in 2006 with Adult GIST.

Bella Rocco

Bella Rocco

Diagnosed in 2009 with Pediatric
(SDH-Deficient) GIST.


The Life Raft Group is a community and it is up to all of us to make a difference. There are many ways to help. We always need patient tissue and data in our registry. Volunteering your time or making a monetary donation also helps us drive research forward and save lives.

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The LRG and NIH Collaborate on Virtual Tumor Boards to Review Challenging Cases

In this issue of LRG Science, we highlight the power of collaboration in medicine with a recap of the Virtual Tumor Board co-hosted with the NIH. Due to the pandemic, The Life Raft Group was asked to organize a Virtual Tumor Board to assure that challenging cases were presented in order to help the patients and their treating physicians develop an effective treatment plan.

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COVID-19 – Resources GIST Patients Need

By |January 15th, 2021|

COVID-19 - Resources GIST Patients Need - Please know that the Life Raft Group is here to support you during this Coronavirus crisis. We will continue our daily services during this time and we will be distributing information and messages of hope through all our communication channels.

  • Women in Sarcoma Gala

Women in Sarcoma Virtual Gala

By |January 10th, 2021|

At this Virtual Awards Gala, we highlighted women in sarcoma (both medical professionals and patients) who make a difference in patients’ lives, and to inspire the community with their stories and perspectives of women’s role in oncology as well as their personal experiences.

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Cupcake Records Honors Lorie (Skelton) Perry

By |December 16th, 2020|

Lorie (Skelton) Perry was a GIST patient who passed away on November 11th, 2020.  She was known to her family for many things.  Among them were her warmth, her willingness to help others, and her talents as a baker. Her family wanted to find a way to honor her memory with a fundraiser.

  • Christine Gonzales green earrings

GIST & Creativity – Gewelry for GIST with Christine Gonzales

By |December 16th, 2020|

Christine, a former elementary school  teacher, is raising three sons with husband Adam, in New Mexico. She doesn’t feel that creativity has always had a place in her life, but teaching elementary school always provides opportunities for innovation and creative thinking so perhaps it’s a matter of perspective.

  • Claire Monaghan quilt 3

GIST & Creativity – Art Quilter, Crafter, Teacher Claire Monaghan

By |December 16th, 2020|

GIST happened soon after her first quilt was accepted into a quilt exhibit and after participating in her first holiday craft show last December. Every GIST patient has a unique story about how they were diagnosed and where their journey takes them but Claire can literally credit a recurrence of her sister's ovarian cancer in January as the reason she found her GIST tumor.

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