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Experiencias de Italia con COVID-19

Nuestro colaborador global, Alianza GIST comparte el artículo "El tratamiento de pacientes con cáncer y la contención de COVID-19: experiencias de Italia "por el Dr. Giuseppe Curigliano publicado en el ASCO Daily News. Este artículo también está disponible en inglés.

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Cancer vs. Coronavirus

Dr. Breelyn Wilky, Director of Sarcoma Translational Research at the University of Colorado Cancer Center shares about Cancer vs. Coronavirus in her latest blog post covering hospital visits, keeping appointment scans, and risk factors for GIST patients.

  • Amelia Yeo and Andrew Tay

Global Representative Spotlight – Amelia Yeo

I was a piano teacher and performing pianist for the past 13 years but stopped work completely this year so I could spend more time with Andrew and see to his needs. We were so lost in the beginning because we did not know what to expect, due to the relative rarity of GISTs.

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Increasing Survival without Borders

The Life Raft Group is pleased to announce the official establishment of our Regional Patient Registry, a partnership with Latin America, which will collect medical history and treatment information from more than 600 GIST patients who are represented by Fundación GIST Mexico, Fundación GIST Chile, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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