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There is no cost to join. The Life Raft Group is a community open to GIST patients, their caregivers and family members. It is also open to physicians, researchers, and anyone interested in learning more about GIST and helping those with the disease. We want to come together and share medical experiences, provide each other support, and share tools to guide you through your GIST journey. Most importantly, we are here to ensure that no one faces GIST alone.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the online form, please feel free to call us at 973-837-9092, or email us at liferaft@liferaftgroup.org.

Community Benefits:

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For patients, caregivers, and their families:

  • Personal consultations about GIST management, clinical trial navigation and more*
  • Membership in GIST Chat, our secure online community, where you can share information about your GIST journey with patients and caregivers and find support.
  • Access to local and international support groups
  • Access to an LRG GIST Mentor who helps patients and caregivers through their GIST journey.
  • Membership package with important information for your GIST care management. GIST management information can also be sent to your doctor, upon request.
  • Enrollment in a the LRG GIST Patient Registry, which generates cutting edge research on the latest medical trends among GIST patients
  • An opportunity to participate in the LRG’s GIST Collaborative Tissue Bank and support GIST research.
  • Option to subscribe to publications which provide the latest information about GIST and its treatments
  • Access to webcasts about GIST care, treatment and research.

For physicians, researchers, and others interested in learning about GIST:

  • For physicians, an opportunity to be listed in our directory of GIST Specialists and to participate in our Virtual Tumor Boards
  • For researchers, an opportunity to work with the LRG’s GIST Collaborative Tissue Bank, which is tied to our LRG GIST Patient Registry clinical histories, and is the largest of its kind worldwide
  • Access to newsletters and studies and white papers which provide the latest information about GIST and its treatments
  • Access to webcasts that provide valuable information about GIST care, treatment, and research


Our primary concern is the privacy of our members. The LRG does not send information that might be considered private to anyone outside of the group. To help ensure that goal, we restrict membership in our GIST Chat community to GIST survivors and caregivers who are LRG members. If you are a member and interested in joining GIST Chat, please email us at liferaft@liferaftgroup.org.


*We are patients and caregivers, not doctors. Any information shared among the group should be used with caution, and is not a substitute for careful discussion with your doctor.

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