Annual Report 2019

Our theme for 2019 was Travel with Us on the Path to Survival. GIST patients and caregivers are on a journey, seeking to survive this rare cancer. Our mission is to walk with them on their journey, providing resources to help them not only survive, but thrive. In 2019, there was a strong research component to our efforts, promoting the importance of real world data and real world evidence to enhance traditional research

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Pruebas genéticas costo efectivas para GIST recién diagnosticados

En un artículo publicado el 29 de septiembre de 2020 en la revista “JAMA Network Open”, Dr. Jason Sicklick, Moores Cancer Center, UCSD y sus colegas informaron que las pruebas genéticas son costo efectivas y beneficiosas para los pacientes recién diagnosticados con GIST metastásico.

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The LRG and NIH Collaborate on Virtual Tumor Boards to Review Challenging Cases

In this issue of LRG Science, we highlight the power of collaboration in medicine with a recap of the Virtual Tumor Board co-hosted with the NIH. Due to the pandemic, The Life Raft Group was asked to organize a Virtual Tumor Board to assure that challenging cases were presented in order to help the patients and their treating physicians develop an effective treatment plan.

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