Annual Report

Annual Report 2020

Our theme for 2020 was Hope. 2020 presented a challenge to us all, but most especially to our patients and caregivers who are seeking to survive this rare cancer. In 2020, The Life Raft Group needed to provide a lifeline to our community, and to offer them hope in the form of increased support as we navigate the challenges of living in a COVID-19 world. #GISTHope

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Annual Report 2019

Our theme for 2019 was Travel with Us on the Path to Survival. GIST patients and caregivers are on a journey, seeking to survive this rare cancer. Our mission is to walk with them on their journey, providing resources to help them not only survive, but thrive. In 2019, there was a strong research component to our efforts, promoting the importance of real world data and real world evidence to enhance traditional research

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2015 Annual Report – Patient Support and Education

Patient support and education is a vital part of the LRG’s mission. In 2015, we expanded our reach with four GIST Days of Learning (GDOLs) held in San Diego and Orange County, California, Chicago [...]

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