Q&A with SDH Panel of Experts Yields Promise for the SDH-deficient GIST Community

The Life Raft Group celebrated GIST Awareness Day 2021 by holding an virtual, interactive Q&A session for SDH-deficient GIST patients with leading experts in the field.

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Heroes of Rare Disease: The 2021 Rare Impact Awards

June 28th Awards Ceremony registration:   https://livingrare.org/rare-impact-awards/ Dr. Jason Sicklick, Blueprint Medicines Among Honorees Released 2/23/21 by NORD The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD®) announced this year’s Rare Impact Award honorees. These outstanding [...]

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Pruebas genéticas costo efectivas para GIST recién diagnosticados

En un artículo publicado el 29 de septiembre de 2020 en la revista “JAMA Network Open”, Dr. Jason Sicklick, Moores Cancer Center, UCSD y sus colegas informaron que las pruebas genéticas son costo efectivas y beneficiosas para los pacientes recién diagnosticados con GIST metastásico.

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Genetic Testing Cost Effective for Newly Diagnosed GIST

UC San Diego Health released a post today titled, "Genetic Testing Cost Effective for Newly Diagnosed GIST" discussing a new paper published in JAMA Network Open by Moores Cancer Center's Dr. Jason Sicklick and colleagues which covered genetic testing for GIST patients.

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Trent and Rosenberg of Sylvester Cancer Co-author Sarcoma Book with Other Experts in the Field

Dr. Jonathan Trent, GIST Specialist at Sylvester Cancer Center and Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, also a GIST Specialist at Sylvester, have co-authored a book dedicated to sarcoma diagnosis and management with other sarcoma experts specifically for the purpose of giving oncologists a credible authority to 'go-to' for sarcoma knowledge.

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TargetCancer Foundation Announces Rare Cancer Precision Medicine Research Initiative

TargetCancer Foundation (TCF) proudly announced today the initiation of the TCF-001 TRACK (Target Rare Cancer Knowledge) Study, an innovative trial that brings advances in precision medicine to people living with rare cancers and their treating physicians, right in their own communities.

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