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New Horizons GIST 2023: Empowering Global Patient Advocates to Advance GIST Survival

New Horizons GIST Conference 2023 delegates

New Horizons GIST Conference 2023 delegates. Photo credit: Adrian Müller, Bigfish Media.

The New Horizons GIST 2023 conference brought together patient advocates, GIST experts, and industry with the objective of advancing care and support for the global GIST community. This impactful meeting focused on enhancing patient care, discussing top medical priorities, and fostering collaboration. Through a series of informative sessions and dynamic discussions, the conference aimed to empower patient advocates to return to their home countries and continue to strongly advocate for the GIST patient community.

One critical topic that took center stage was the significance of ensuring global access to high-cost cancer drugs. The availability and affordability of these life-saving medications play a pivotal role in improving patient outcomes and reducing health disparities.

High-cost cancer drugs pose significant financial burdens on our patients worldwide. Access to these medications should not be limited to those with substantial financial resources, as it perpetuates disparities in healthcare. The conference emphasized the urgent need for equitable access, advocating for strategies that address the financial barriers associated with these expensive cancer therapies.

Executive Director of the LRG, Sara Rothschild, New Horizons GIST 2023

Executive Director of the LRG, Sara Rothschild, New Horizons GIST 2023

To tackle the challenge of accessing high-cost cancer drugs globally, collaboration among stakeholders is paramount. The conference fostered dialogue between patient advocates and medical experts with the aim to identify opportunities for collaboration and forge partnerships that can lead to innovative solutions. The Life Raft Group is currently working with other patient advocates to approach the pharmaceutical industry about this important issue.

It became striking at one point in the conference, looking around, that I had someone from South Africa in front of me, India to the right, France to the left, and Chile behind me. The room was truly international with over 20 countries represented. How symbolic for all of us coming together with the similar passion of helping our patients survive and thrive.

Through advocacy, collaborations, patient support, international networking, and research initiatives, The Life Raft Group is a key player in actively addressing access challenges and making a positive impact on the lives of GIST patients. Our dedication to ensuring equitable access to life-saving treatments serves as an important component of our work worldwide, highlighting the crucial role of patient-centered advocacy in transforming clinical trials and improving outcomes for individuals facing rare cancers like GIST.

SPAGN 2023 delegates May

2023 SPAGN Delegates. Photo credit: Uli Deck, Artis Photography.

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