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GIST Awareness Day, July 13th, 2022

The theme of GAD this year is “Time To Tell The Stories”.

The Life Raft Group is celebrating our 20th anniversary as a nonprofit in 2022. For twenty years, our organization has been serving as a life raft for others navigating their GIST journeys. The LRG, which began as a group of concerned patients and caregivers living with a rare and often misunderstood disease, continues our mission to help our members survive and thrive. You can find opportunities to share your story and to read more about this campaign here.

Our goal for GIST Awareness Day (which happens during Sarcoma Awareness Month) is to educate as many people as possible about this rare disease, about why mutational testing is an imperative part of a GISTers journey, and to show the world that there is a powerful advocacy contingent working on behalf of patients and researchers to further research, trials, and new medical interventions for GIST.

Here are some suggested activities to show your support of GIST patients,
or how you as a GISTer can bring awareness to this disease:

Social Media:

1. Put a message about GIST out on social media – a Facebook Story, TikTok, Insta, Twitter – (don’t forget the hashtags!) Suggested messages could be a simple quote about your own story with GIST as a patient/caregiver/family/friend or physician/researcher. You can also use some of the graphics suggested below or alter for your own message.

2. Like and share others messages on GIST Awareness Day (or if you see messages prior to that day).

Be sure to use these hashtags on all your social media:

#GISTawarenessday #timetotellthestories #sarcoma


3. Create a fundraising page on Facebook or another social media platform beginning in June through the end of July. Be sure to engage your ‘audience’ with your personal story or messages about GIST (see our website).

4. Like and share others messages on GIST Awareness Day (or if you see messages prior to that day).

5. Create a fundraising event: A GIST Do It Walk, a bake sale, a dance-off – there are no small fundraisers – any amount advances research and patient support programs.

6. Partner with The Life Raft Group and become a GEM (Our ‘Give Every Month’ Program).

Other Ideas:

7. Share your knowledge of GIST with a doctor or clinic. Share this flyer about the LRG & GIST.

8. GIST Do Something – anything you choose to do will help spread the word about GIST, so don’t be shy. You can Tell the Stories all year long with these ideas, too!

Download Center

Graphics can be used for Facebook and Twitter. Right click on the image and choose ‘copy’ or ‘save as’. If you need assistance, please contact:

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