Efectos de la Nutrición y la Microbiota Intestinal en pacientes con GIST

TE INVITA A LA REUNIÓN DE PACIENTES PARA CONVERSAR SOBRE:"Efectos de la Nutrición y la Microbiota Intestinal en pacientes con GIST". La Sra. Carbajal-López describió los beneficios de una nutrición adecuada, la relación entre la nutrición y los procedimientos quirúrgicos, el vínculo entre el microbioma y el cáncer, y el ejercicio. 07 junio.

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Navigating GIST NCCN Guidelines

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) creates guidelines for different diseases to guide physicians in their clinical practice. In this webinar, Dr. von Mehren will educate GIST patients and caregivers about these guidelines and provide some case study examples of how guidelines fit into the rubric of patient care.

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Conversations with the LRG: A Conversation with the Rarest of the Rare

This webinar is the Life Raft Group's presentation in honor of Rare Disease Day. Rare disease day is an observance held on the last day of February to raise awareness for rare diseases and to help improve access to treatment and medical care.

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The Value of Biomarker Testing: Case Studies Across Multiple Institutions

In this webinar, there were case study presentations from three top sarcoma institutions that demonstrate the value of biomarker testing. A Question & Answer session followed the presentations.

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