Conversations with the LRG: Long-Term Survivors

On May 4th the LRG held a lively discussion with three long-term survivors, Erin McBean, John Abrams, and Dr. mOe Anderson. Diagnosed at different stages of life, with different mutations, these GISTers shared how they have thrived with GIST over ten years and counting.

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LRG Webcast Series: Finding Biomarkers that Cause GIST: From Research to Clinical Application

Dr. Lori Rink, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Dr. Inga-Marie Schaefer, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, are two researchers who are making discoveries in their respective laboratories to uncover the unique biomarkers in GIST that will be future drug targets.

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LRG Webcast Series: GIST: How to Understand Your Pathology Report

In this webinar, we discussed how to interpret your pathology report. We covered interpretation of all parts of a pathology report, beginning with understanding the final diagnosis and diagnostic comment.

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LRG Webcast Series: GIST, TKI Treatment & Effects on Memory

This discussion reviewed CRCI in general, and how a person who is being treated for GIST could be affected. We also talked about strategies that can help ameliorate CRCI, new research on CRCI and GIST. we also gave advice on how cancer survivors can best cope with and care for themselves during this unusual global health event.

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