In this session of Let’s Get the GIST of It, Sahibjeet Parmar reviewed GIST mutations and shared current updates on GIST Clinical Trials. The event was interactive, so attendees were encouraged to ask questions and participate. Patients and caregivers were invited to attend.

The session was hosted by Sahibjeet Parmar, Director of Data Management & Research at The Life Raft Group.

About Our Presenter:

Sahibjeet KaurSahibjeet Parmar
Director, Data Management & Research

In her role as the Director of Data Management & Research, Sahibjeet is responsible for a team of data management and research associates and data analysts in their day-to-day support of LRG patients and data science.

As the point person of The Life Raft Group’s GIST Patient Registry and GIST Collaborative Tissue Bank, Sahibjeet oversees the operations of these platforms including direct patient contact including outreach, medical updates, email community support, patient education, biospecimen handling and research collaborations.