Santy DiSabatino, Director of our US GIST Mentor Program, chatted with a group of GIST patients who have extensive experience advocating for themselves and their loved ones for the best possible care. We are grateful to these individuals who have been so inspirational and thankful that they were willing to join us on September 28th at noon ET to share how to navigate the medical space to ensure that you receive the highest quality of life possible for you or your loved one.

About Our Presenter

Santy DiSabatinoSanty DiSabatino
Director, US GIST Mentor Program

Santy DiSabatino has been very active in our LRG community as a volunteer, serving currently as the Voluntary Director of the GIST Mentor program, and as a mentor.

Our Featured Guest Panel

Ian SeahIan Seah

Ian Seah is an extremely active GIST patient originally from Singapore and who now resides in New York City. He has various interests that have led him to career opportunities in tech, crypto, snack foods and yoga. Since being diagnosed with GIST, he has continued his diverse career ventures and now enjoys new hobbies such as photography and cooking. Ian has taken part in two GIST clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering and has traveled to Europe for integrative treatment options in his journey to be cancer free. Ian is a great example of someone who has tirelessly advocated for himself to receive the best possible outcomes.

Margaret McInteerMargaret McInteer
Margaret McInteer is a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who has worked over fifty years in education. After being diagnosed with GIST in 2019, Margaret connected with The Life Raft Group and is grateful to have been connected with a wonderful mentor who helped her navigate her disease journey to ensure the highest quality of life. Margaret recounts that being diagnosed with GIST forced her to slow down, take care of herself, and pay attention to the important things. She feels her life is even richer now and more fulfilling.

Gary Erion Jean Erion

Jean and Gary Erion`
Jean and Gary Erion are a married couple who both live with GIST. Gary is retired from the social work/counseling space and Jean currently works in the Assisted Living sector providing direct care. Jean and Gary enjoy long walks and spending quality time with their loved ones. Throughout their GIST journey, Jean and Gary have advocated for themselves and each other, gaining valuable self-advocacy experience.

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