NIH Pediatric & Wildtype Clinic’s ‘Virtual Tumor Board’ Hosted by the LRG

The LRG worked with the NIH to create a collaborative model to serve the needs of Pediatric & SDH patients, hosting a virtual tumor board on June 25th to replace the in-person Pediatric & Wildtype Clinic which the NIH holds annually.

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COVID-19 – Resources GIST Patients Need

COVID-19 - Resources GIST Patients Need - Please know that the Life Raft Group is here to support you during this Coronavirus crisis. We will continue our daily services during this time and we will be distributing information and messages of hope through all our communication channels.

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NCCN Shares New Guidance Principles for Vaccinating People with Cancer Against COVID-19

NCCN repost - Leading cancer and infectious disease experts offer preliminary advice on how to quickly, safely, and efficiently protect vulnerable patients from COVID-19; with more updates to come.

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In Memoriam – Carlos Alberto Baldor, Sr., Friend of the LRG & Major Donor

Carlos and Liana Baldor's daughter, Ana Maria Baldor-Bunn, died from GIST in 2002 after a two-year battle. Our In Memoriam website is dedicated to Ana and her father Carl who lost his own battle with cancer in April of 2020.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Period Ends December 7th

Concerning Medicare Open Enrollment: It is especially important for GIST patients to carefully consider available plans, as one of the financial support resources that has been available through Novartis Pharmaceuticals will end on January 1, 2021.

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