Patient Advocacy in Brazil – Instituto Oncoguia

Luciana Holtz de Camargo Barros, founder and president of Instituto Oncoguia, authored this article about the creation and advocacy issues of this cancer patient advocacy organization based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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April Stephens, Long-Term Survivor

The average GIST patient is in their 50s or older when diagnosed with GIST. The rare exception is usually a pediatric SDH- deficient GIST, but April’s case is a case of ‘the rarest of the rare’ in that she was only 20 years old when she first encountered GIST and was not SDH-deficient.

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GIST & Creativity – Gewelry for GIST with Christine Gonzales

Christine, a former elementary school  teacher, is raising three sons with husband Adam, in New Mexico. She doesn’t feel that creativity has always had a place in her life, but teaching elementary school always provides opportunities for innovation and creative thinking so perhaps it’s a matter of perspective.

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GIST & Creativity – Art Quilter, Crafter, Teacher Claire Monaghan

GIST happened soon after her first quilt was accepted into a quilt exhibit and after participating in her first holiday craft show last December. Every GIST patient has a unique story about how they were diagnosed and where their journey takes them but Claire can literally credit a recurrence of her sister's ovarian cancer in January as the reason she found her GIST tumor.

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GIST & Creativity – Sculptor & Public Artist, Tim Watkins

You may have spotted a creation by May & Watkins Design and not even realized it. They create public art, or industrial sculptures – art that is commissioned for public spaces. The partnership of artists, Carol May and Tim Watkins, began after meeting as 20-somethings on scholarship at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in Maine.

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GIST & Creativity – Industrial Designer, John Paul Zagami

Pratt institute graduate, John Paul Zagami studied industrial design. John’s journey with GIST began with unexplainable digestive issues. After suffering a kidney stone attack which led to an ER visit, a mass was found.

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