CTOS 2022 CollageExecutive Director Sara Rothschild and Senior Director of Data Management & Research, Denisse Montoya recently attended the CTOS (Connective Tissue Oncology Society) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia.

CTOS is an international group comprised of physicians and scientists with a primary interest in the tumors of connective tissues. The goal of the society is to advance the care of patients with connective tissue tumors and to increase knowledge of all aspects of the biology of these tumors, including basic and clinical research.

The meeting is an opportunity to learn about the most recent research in GIST and other cancers, and a valuable setting for forging collaborative research relationships. It was both exciting and encouraging that the meeting included a number of GIST presentations and posters holding promise for new treatment
strategies. Although understanding that there is much to be accomplished, we are optimistic for future progress.

The Life Raft Group presented an original research poster: Phase I Results from A Multi-Phase Comprehensive Genomic Sequencing Tumor Study In Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Patients and was also part of research presented by Andrea Napolitano, MD, PhD et al, A Novel Prognostication System For Patients With High-Risk KIT Exon 9-Mutated Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour Receiving Adjuvant Imatinib. This study was presented during the GIST session where The Life Raft Group received honorable mention of their collaboration and support. Acknowledgement also came from Dr. Xiaolan Feng during her presentation Refining Prognosis in Localized GIST: Clinical Significance of PTEN, and was also recognized by Joanna Pryzbyl, PhD in the presentation on Multi-omic Integrative Profiling of miniGISTs and Clinically Relevant GISTs Throughout Progression.

Sara and Denisse had ample opportunity to network with leading GIST specialists and researchers, as well as with pharmaceutical companies working on new and innovative treatments for GIST. According to Sara: “Denisse Montoya and I returned from a global sarcoma medical conference called CTOS. This was the first time the global sarcoma community met in person since 2019.

The Life Raft Group was honored to have a poster featured on our biomarker testing initiative. We were pleasantly surprised that 3 of the 4 on-stage live GIST presentations acknowledged the Life Raft Group’s involvement in advancing their research in the field. This highlighted our organization as a collaborative partner. Several physicians from around the world sought out the LRG to speak to and find ways to collaborate on future endeavors. Pharmaceutical companies shared the latest on their GIST clinical trials and innovative trial designs to help advance the GIST field. I encourage you to watch this video of global GIST medical experts sharing what they love about the LRG.

We look forward to the potential collaborations and are grateful for the recognition for the work we do to ensure the survival and well-being of GIST patients.” Denisse added, “It was such an honor to represent the Life Raft Group at such wonderful meeting. I had the opportunity to present our poster with the results from our Comprehensive Genomic Sequencing Study and to learn about the amazing research that is currently being conducted in sarcomas. We met with wonderful sarcoma leaders and stakeholders to discuss future collaborations to continue with our mission of accelerating GIST cancer research. Thank you, CTOS and all the organizers for a fantastic conference!”

Our colleague, David Josephy, President of GIST Sarcoma Life Raft Group Canada and a LRG Science Team member, enhanced the CTOS experience for us by summarizing relevant GIST research presentations and posters, and by sharing his amazing photography skills. His summary of key research can be found here: bit.ly/CTOS-Summaries

We asked GIST Specialists attending CTOS what they love about the Life Raft Group

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