The Life Raft Group welcomes our newest Medical Advisory Board (MAB) member Dr. Neeta Somaiah of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Comprised of experts from leading academic and medical institutions around the world, the goal of the MAB is to share scientific and research expertise to provide strategic direction on LRG initiatives to ensure the survival and well-being of GIST patients.

Dr. Neeta Somaiah

Dr. Neeta Somaiah

Dr. Somaiah is an Associate Professor of Sarcoma Medical Oncology and serves as the Deputy Chair of Sarcoma Medical Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. She has thirteen years of sarcoma experience, and is board certified in Medical Oncology. Her primary clinical and research focus is soft tissue sarcomas, specifically liposarcomas and GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumors). Dr. Somaiah currently serves as the Principal Investigator of multiple investigator-initiated trials and cooperative group and industry-sponsored clinical trials at MD Anderson, and has in-depth knowledge and experience in the design and execution of clinical trials. Dr. Somaiah also has ongoing collaborations for translational research both retrospective and prospective, that contribute to the understanding of these rare diseases, and explore the role of immunotherapy as a therapeutic avenue.

Sara Rothschild, Vice President of Program Services at the LRG, shared, “It is a pleasure to have Dr. Neeta Somaiah join our Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Somaiah has many years of clinical and research experience in GIST. Combined with her medical experience, she demonstrates true compassion and dedication to her patients. Her unique perspective is an important asset to the Medical Advisory Board and we are thrilled that she is available to support the patient advocacy community.”

Dr. Somaiah said of this new role, ” I am really excited to join the MAB for the Life Raft Group. I truly believe that empowering patients with knowledge and resources greatly improves their cancer experience and outcomes. LRG is one of the leaders in GIST patient support, and I look forward to making positive contributions along with my other esteemed colleagues on the board.”

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