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Our spring fundraising campaign is all about Fueling GIST Research and we will be sharing examples of all the ways The Life Raft Group is involved in GIST research and accelerating outcomes that affect patient survival and how our community is helping us move forward & raise funds to do so. We are committed to raising $25K during this campaign. Click on the image above to learn more about how you can get involved with this Campaign.

ASCO23 – Cultivating Partnerships for Research

ASCO23 Chicago buildings

The ASCO 23 Annual Meeting was held in Chicago, Illinois and is said to be an “unparalleled opportunity to connect with one of the largest, most diverse audiences in global cancer care and an all-access pass to join global cancer experts an discover the latest innovations in cancer research and education. In at the hybrid ASCO 2022, over 42K attended with 73% attending in person.”1

Executive Director Sara Rothschild and Board Member/Clinical Trials Coordinator Jim Hughes attended the meeting accompanied by volunteer videographer & LRG member Chris Bayard. Sara and Jim spent a large portion of their time meeting with medical professionals, pharmaceutical teams, and clinicians across cancer centers, academic institutions, and governmental health agencies. Their carefully planned objectives were to catch up with the status of current studies, discuss next steps, foster new relationships, leverage others, explore collaborative data study possibilities, and find a way forward for the advocacy of new treatments, new clinical trials, funding, and new pathways in GIST research.

“This year’s ASCO meeting was the busiest one yet! Through our extensive network of stakeholders, we are actively cultivating stronger partnerships to bring research and a cure within close reach for our GIST patient community.”
– Sara Rothschild, Executive Director of The Life Raft Group

SARC Meeting

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1 https://conferences.asco.org/am/why-attend