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LRG Webcast: GI Stromal Tumors: A PatholoGIST’s Point of View

GI Stromal Tumors: A PatholoGIST's Point of View Mutational Testing in GIST Mutational Testing in GIST is a vital component for survival, especially as cancer treatment becomes more individualized. In this webcast, Dr. Chris [...]

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GIST Day of Learning: Education and Support for Area GISTers

The Life Raft Group kicked off its 2016 GIST Day of Learning (GDOL) series this spring with events from coast to coast. GDOLs are free, one-day programs that provide both education and support for the GIST [...]

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LRG Webcast: Mutational Testing Broken Down

Join Dr. Michael Heinrich and Dr. Christopher Corless as they demystify mutational analysis. Dr. Heinrich and Dr. Corless and their labs at Oregon Health and Science University are pioneers in mutational analysis for GIST and other cancers

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