There are many ways to raise funds to help our efforts to cure GIST and support those people affected by this disease until we do. We provide educational programs through GIST Days of Learning (GDOLs), webcasts, and the biennial, LifeFest.

We are constantly striving to expand our educational reach by utilizing state-of-the-art video technology to bring important life-saving information to the global GIST community. We also work to improve our advocacy initiatives to increase GIST awareness and treatment access around the globe.

During the past decade, we have become the largest patient organization funding GIST research; supporting nine world-class researchers at prestigious institutions in three countries. Your support is vital to our work, and we are honored to work with you on any fundraising effort in support of finding a cure for GIST.

Here are some ways to fundraise in support GIST programs and research.

  • Organize a 5K run/walk in your local area or enter a local marathon or charity race. Recently, one LRG member ran in the Chicago Marathon and raised more than $79,000. We will help create a fundraising website for you that will make the process simple and effective.
  • Participate in LRG’s annual holiday giving campaign. We can send you holiday greeting cards in November for you to send to your loved ones. The message asks them for a contribution in your honor or you can email a link to our campaign page for easy online giving.
  • Everyone loves a barbecue! One of LRG’s members recently hosted his annual barbecue for friends, family and colleagues where he set up a table with LRG pamphlets, bracelets and donation envelopes. He’s raised almost $2,000 in support of GIST research and support programs so far.
  • If you work for a corporation, a bank or even a smaller company, chances are that your employer has set up a foundation for giving to charities. Take a moment and look on your company website or ask someone in human resources about this. Don’t forget to also ask your employer if they participate in a matching gift program. If so, please take advantage of doubling your contribution. It’s as easy as sending us your company’s matching pledge form when you want to make a donation.
  • Dinner parties are social events that we look forward to and are increasingly being held to support social causes. Several of our members have hosted dinners in their homes that featured a brief presentation on GIST and LRG’s research initiatives. Careful planning and an invitation that explains the reason for the gathering are key. You will be overwhelmed by the support of your friends and colleagues who have been willing to help all along!

Have a great fundraising idea?

Contact Diana Nieves at
Diana can help you plan and market an event, provide awareness giveaways, and write invitations.
The LRG is here to help you run any fundraiser – large or small.

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