Recently, an article by Diane Stresing was published on the popular coping website,, about traveling with cancer. With Life Fest coming up in a few months, we thought it worthwhile to share some of the tips and suggestions cancer patients should consider while planning a trip.

• Consult with your doctor. The doctor will be able to discuss restrictions and best travel times between treatments. Some patients cannot tolerate pressure changes when flying, so driving or taking a train may be suggested.checklist

• Collect important information. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a letter outlining all of your prescriptions and what they are for. If you have an implant that may set off a security metal detector, get a letter for that as well. If traveling abroad, a letter translated into the language spoken in that country could be useful. Get a list of medical facilities in the area you will be traveling to. Talk to your insurance company before your trip to find out any limitations in care.

• Be prepared. Pack extra medication that you think you will need, and keep your prescriptions in their original containers. Medication should always be packed in your carryon so they are easily accessible during travel. If your current health requires it, bring a facemask to prevent germs. Whether a cancer patient or not, get all required vaccinations. Make a post-travel appointment with your doctor to discuss anything out of the ordinary that might have happened on your trip. Although you may not need to keep it, having the appointment scheduled will bring peace-of-mind.

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