GIST Awareness Day (GAD)  serves as the yearly pinnacle of our education, awareness and advocacy efforts and provides those outside the GIST community a chance to learn about and lend their support to this important cause. This year marks the first GIST DO IT – Walk to Find a Cure, which was held in Miami at Life Fest 2018. GAD Events are held across the world each year on July 13th – if you are interested in organizing an event, please contact Laura Occhiuzzi at or Diana Nieves at

GAD Events Around the World

Pfizer GIST Awareness Day Tweet

Pfizer publicizes GIST Awareness Day

GAD 2018 Luncheon, Bethpage, NY

GAD 2018 Luncheon in Bethpage, NY

Blueprint Medicine Team GIST DO IT, Miami

Blueprint Medicine Walks to Find a Cure at Life Fest, Miami

Deciphera Team GIST DO IT Walk

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India – Friends of Max Foundation

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The Recovering Together Association GIST Awareness Meeting was held Thursday, May 31, at the Firebird House* at Szent László Hospital, Budapest.

The lecturer is Dr. Gábor Lakatos, an oncologist at Szent László. The lecture was followed by an extensive Q&A session.

*Firebird Foundation was established in 2005 for the improvement of the Quality of Life for cancer patients and relatives.

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