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LRG Webcast: Genetics 101

With the alphabet soup of terms and genes that cancer patients tend to hear during diagnosis, it takes some time to really understand what these terms mean. In her Genetics 101 webcast, Dr. Raygada [...]

Women in Sarcoma: Case Presentations

Case Presentations October 26, 12PM ET Please join us for the second webcast of our Women in Sarcoma series. The Life Raft Group has developed the Women in Sarcoma program in recognition of the [...]

Women in Sarcoma Virtual Gala

At this Virtual Awards Gala, as we aim to highlight women in sarcoma (both medical professionals and patients) who make a difference in patients’ lives, and to inspire the community with their stories and perspectives of women’s role in oncology as well as their personal experiences.

Australian GISTers Virtual Meet & Greet

Please be aware of the time difference: This webinar takes place on Feb 4th at 7pm ET for the US and Feb 5th at 11 am Melbourne time.) Please join us for a Virtual [...]

Finding Biomarkers that Cause GIST

Every GIST patient is unique based on their biology and what treatment to which they will potentially respond. Dr. Lori Rink, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Dr. Inga-Marie Schaefer, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, are two researchers who are making discoveries in their respective laboratories to uncover the unique biomarkers in GIST that will be future drug targets.

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