The Life Raft Group’s Annual Holiday Giving Campaign has been kicked off to a great start! This comes as no surprise to the LRG; our close knit group of GIST patients, families and friends are amazing people.

This year we have asked GIST survivors and families to send out note cards, letters and emails asking their friends and family for their support.

Donations to the LRG helps to support our research project, “Pathway to a Cure.” We have opted, with your support, to fund the top GIST scientists in the world and focus directly on areas that are crucial to finding a cure.

Donations this year may also support our programs. The Life Raft Group provides support, information and assistance to patients and families with this rare cancer to help keep them alive until there is a cure. The LRG achieves this by providing an online community for patients and caregivers, supporting local inperson meetings, patient education through pamphlets, monthly newsletters, webcasts, and one-on-one patient consultations.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to help support the LRG is through FirstGiving. This website allows you to create a custom fundraising page, where all donations go towards the cause of your choice.

Visit to begin. In the donation box please search Life Raft Group; this will bring you to our page. From here simply follow the step by step instructions to create a personalized fundraising page to share with family and friends.

These few simple steps will help you to spread the word about GIST and the Life Raft Group.

We won’t just wait for a cure. We have to make it happen. Join us in the fight against GIST.