Our LRG  Holiday Fundraiser is still going strong, and has thus far has brought in $45,000.

The Life Raft Group remains beholden to all who have donated both large and small, as it is the collective generosity of those who support us that make The Life Raft Group the dynamic organization it is. As you are aware, our patient support, education, and advocacy knows no boundaries, as we continually strive to spread awareness and survivorship into all corners of the world. Of equal importance is the support these funds provide to our research team who share in our passionate commitment to find a cure for GIST.

If you have been mailed a fundraising packet and still have donor cards to send out, it is not too late. Consider passing one on to a neighbor  co-worker, friend or family member. This gesture will not only raise funds to help those living with GIST, but will also spread much needed awareness about this rare disease.

There are so many relying upon the thoughtful giving of others. We wish to express our warm gratitude that we are the recipient of yours.