GAD Latin America Campaign

Alianza GIST and Fundacion GIST Chile are going all out to raise awareness for GIST Awareness Day. Launched in 2014, GIST Awareness Day is a global effort to bring awareness about GIST, (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor), a rare disease. It is celebrated on July 13 of every year. July is Sarcoma Awareness month

Leading up to GAD, Alianza GIST had launched a media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In support of the LRG’s “GIST Do It” campaign, they translated it into “Hagamoslo Posible”, which means “Let’s Make it Possible.” This refers to making it possible to receive diagnosis and treatments for all GIST patients. Their hashtags are #GISThagamosloposible, #GISTawarenessday and #GISTDOIT.

Every day they will be posting photos with messages of how people can make it possible.

On July 13th, they will launch a video entitled “Hagamoslo Posible” on social media. It will reflect the needs of GIST patients to have access to treatments.

I have been invited by Dr. Marcelo Garrido to speak at a meeting of the Oncology Department of the Clinical Hospital of the Cathloic University, to doctors, nurses and students about GIST and about the work of Fundacion GIST and about her advocacy work at the LRG, and the Salud con Datos Project. She will begin her presentation with the Hagamoslo Posible video.

Additional Activities

July 14

If the weather allows it, GIST Chile will have a patient meeting to engage them on how they can collaborate to “Make it possible”.

Address: Av. Cristóbal Colón 4198, Las Condes, Santiago, Región Metropolitana

August 11 – From 9:30 – 14:00

4th Anniversary of Fundación GIST Chile and end of the campaign “HAGÁMOSLO POSIBLE”.

We are having a meeting with two panel discussions, to which they have invited the main representatives of the health actors in Chile.

It will be moderated by a very known journalist, and the idea is talk or the importance of the collaborative work of all actors, including patients in making health decisions.

Dr. Garrido will present the Salud con Datos Project: Regional GIST Patient Registry as an outcome of a collaborative work

The two panels are:

Public Policies:

We have invited:

  • The doctor in charge of cancer at the Health Ministry
  • President of the National Cancer Forum
  • Health Journalist
  • The person in charge of public policies in a ONG called: Solidary organizations (Organizaciones Solidarias)
  • A deputy
  • A senator

The second panel is “Access, investigation and Clinic”

We have invited:

  1. Executive Director of the Chilean Chamber of pharmaceutical innovation
  2. President of the Chilean Society of Medical Oncology
  3. Oncologist from the Cancer Center of the Catholic Univerasity
  4. And myself representing patients

Auditorium of the Academic Building of the Medicine School of the Catholic University

Ave. Diagonal Paraguay 362, Santiago. Región Metropolitana.