The Life Raft Group was proud to celebrate the 9th anniversary of our biennial Life Fest conference. At this unique event, patients and caregivers have the opportunity to gather for a weekend of camaraderie and access to medical and research leaders in the field of GIST. Each meeting brings a wealth of new information about the latest advancements, treatments, and side effects management that patients eagerly await to learn.

This year’s Life Fest conference was held July 13th–15th at the Downtown Miami Hilton in Florida. It was a spectacular event filled with inspirational stories, laughter, and tears shared by GISTers, caregivers, medical professionals, pharmaceutical representatives, staff, board members, and many friends. Over 180 people who participated throughout the weekend.

We are grateful to our Board of Directors and donors who made possible the Life Fest Scholarship Fund again this year.  Scholarships were awarded to families who needed help to participate in Life Fest. Almost $20,000 was raised to provide 28 families with support to attend the conference.

We are so grateful for our expert speakers and presenters who shared with us not only their knowledge but also their dedication and passion for the GIST community.

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