The Life Raft Group is delighted to welcome two phenomenal new members to our Board of Directors: Ms. Kay Stolzer and Dr. Monica (mOe) Anderson.

kay stolzer profile

Kay Stolzer

Kay Stolzer has been very active in our LRG community as a volunteer  – currently as a GIST Mentor and formerly as a participant of our A3 Insurance Committee. Kay has a tremendous amount of past experience working as a business administrator. She is now the facilitator of our patient support group, “Living Well with GIST: A Monthly Support Group for Women.” Kay enjoys spending time with family in New Jersey and Tennessee.

Monica Anderson profile

Dr. Monica Anderson

Dr. Monica Anderson, or Dr. mOe, as she is known to her fans, is an inspirational leader who resides in Texas. Dr. mOe has spoken at Life Fest 2016, served as a spokesperson for our holiday campaign, and was the emcee at the 2020 Women in Sarcoma Gala which honored women who have made an extraordinary impact on the lives of sarcoma patients. You can see Dr. mOe currently on our website homepage living life to the fullest! Dr. mOe is a dentist, author, speaker, and podcaster. She has served as a board member and volunteer to several nonprofit organizations and has a wealth of knowledge as a business owner and executive of a publishing company and has a passion to raise awareness about GIST.

“I am excited, and, frankly humbled, to announce the expansion of our Board of Directors. As our organization grows and our patient population grows, so does the need to continue to expand our Board. It it with great excitement that I welcome Dr. Monica (mOe) Anderson and Kay Stolzer as our newest Board Members. Dr. mOe is a motivational speaker, author and fellow GISTer. She has been a tremendous supporter of the LRG. Dr mOe recently moderated our Women in Sarcoma Gala and has been a speaker at our educational events. Dr. mOe has a heart for inspiring others and we look forward to seeing her in action as she helps us achieve our goal of supporting every patient and caregiver with GIST. Kay Stolzer is an extraordinary advocate for GISTers. Kay says she loves to connect with patients one- on-one and that comes through in all she does. Kay is a GIST mentor, has volunteered on our insurance committee and is moderating our Women Support Group series. Kay has gone above and beyond already and we are excited to see her continue to expand her role in our GIST community.”
– Jerry Cudzil, LRG Board President

Please join the LRG in celebrating the appointment of these two new amazing women to our Board of Directors!