Researchers and staff from the Life Raft Group and representatives from Mexico’s science and medical community came together to commit to their mission of improving the survival of gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) patients in Latin America.

The Latin American GIST Coalition, initiated by the LRG, met during this three-day event February 2 to 4 in Monterrey, Mexico.

The historic event was attended by LRG Executive Director Norman Scherzer, LRG staff members Jerry Call, Karen Kelley and Sara Rothschild, LRG researchers, patient representatives from nine Latin American countries, and executives and scientists from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

This relationship built upon a foundation that the LRG has in place with top GIST researchers in the United States and Europe.
LRG meets in MexicoThe hope is to increase access to information, treatment, and advocacy for Latin American patients and the medical community.

The synergy of these three groups and the exchange of information and experience will hopefully result in expanded research opportunities and action on the part of LRG researchers and Monterrey Tech

Special thanks goes to meeting host Rodrigo Salas, the LRG Mexico liaison and a member of both the LRG Board of Directors and the Monterrey Institute’s Board of Directors. Thanks must also go to Monterrey Tech, who provided many meeting support services throughout the week, Synta Pharmaceuticals for support of part of the Research Team meeting, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals for support of the Latin American GIST Coalition meeting.