It is the close knit community of GIST patients, families and friends that keeps the Life Raft Group afloat. As the hope of GIST patients and families continues to float in the arms of the Life Raft Group, we are thrilled to have you aboard our raft in the fight against GIST. It’s the time of year again which Life Rafters and our friends know and love. Our yearly Holiday Fundraising Campaign is fast approaching.
holiday-giving-turkey_pubWe will be asking GIST survivors and families to send out note cards, letters and emails asking their friends and family for their support. Donations to the LRG help to support our research project, Pathway to a Cure. We have opted, with your support, to fund the top GIST scientists in the world and focus directly on areas that are crucial to finding a cure. To date, we have contributed over $5 million to Pathway to a

Your generous donations may also support our Programs. The Life Raft Group provides support, information and assistance to patients and families with this rare cancer to help keep them alive until there is a cure. The LRG achieves this by providing an online community for patients and caregivers, supporting local in-person meetings, and patient education through pamphlets, monthly newsletters, webcasts, and oneon- one patient consultations.

We won’t just wait for a cure. We have to make it happen. Join us in the fight against GIST.

Fundraising materials for this year’s holiday campaign should be arriving in your mail within the next few weeks. Please email us at or call us at (973) 837-9092 if you have any questions or comments. For information on Pathway to a Cure and our programs go to